GCH Cashnross
Hillary Houdette

and her pups Walker, Bark-Oh and Chelsea

Hillary, daughter of Kaching and sister of Tina Fey, has produced two beautiful litters. Even though she gained her Grand Championship, the show ring was not for Hilliary. She required a special handler who would cater to her every need in the ring. She has been spayed and placed with Jessica and Neil.

Hill's last litter are real characters. Ch. Cashin's Bark-Oh at USL is a favorite of Jack's and will live with us. His brother, Walker, went to live with the same family that has Big Bit. Quite a contrast....Big Bit is sharp as a whip and little old Walker....well both Walker and Bark-Oh are a little on the dim side, but ever so cute.

Sister, a Champion,  Chelsea is having a change in her life.  She will be moving to Northern California and will be part of a new family. She will be living with  the parents of Walker's owners. Scott and Jillian  are making Brussels Griffons a family affair.


Bark-Oh: Isn't that
what toilet paper is for?





Walker : I can touch my nose with my tongue.
Bark-Oh: Wonder how he does that.
Hillary: Yes, they are mine                                 

Chelsea as a tiny sleepy pup.