Bit of this and a Bit of that

The Bits - Little Bit, Big Bit


The Bits were co-owned by Felicia and Carole Ross. Both these young girls are champions. They now live in wonderful homes with the type of owners that we all want to place our dogs with.

Big Bit lives with some wonderful people in Northern California. She was special to Felicia and she cried to let her go, but she knew this was a perfect forever home for her darling. Felicia feels that she is at an age that the likelihood is getting higher that she might have to give up her dogs due to health or plain old age issues. Therefore, she is placing some of her special young ones knowing that they are in a happy loving home now.

Big Bit and Johnny produced a "really big single puppy" we named Bacon Bit. Today Bacon lives with the Cashin's. She is also a Champion and one of the sweetest things, although she has a tendency to pack on the pounds if not monitored. Bacon will be bred once and then she will be altered and placed in a loving home. Adjustment is much easier on a younger dog and unfortunately it is very hard to find homes for older dogs.