The heartbreaking decision of one

owner lead Kiwi to another

couple who adore her.


Kiwi came to us through the National Brussels Griffon Rescue. Kiwi had some severe medical issues and could barely walk when we got her. Betty and Mel took charge and started exercising and caring for her. Today Kiwi is one spoiled girl and can run and jump like any healthy dog. She knows she is special!!

Frequently we all stop to watch Kiwi loop down the office hall.  She fills the void Sylvester left with Mel and Betty.  What a lucky dog she is.  What lucky owners Mel and Betty are.

We sometimes think the owner who had to give her up. Because of personal issues, he could no longer care for her or meet the high vet bills.. His heart was broken when he turned her over to us.  His hope was that we could help find out what was causing her health issues. 

He stayed in touch for a long time, but eventually we lost track. We so hope he knows how loved and happy Kiwi is today thanks to his difficult decision.  

Kiwi_2.jpgSyl Kiwi