Remembering Ch White Oaks Mr Muggles

We lost our wonderful Mr. Muggles.  We knew he was failing, but daddy Jack took good care of him to keep him going.  Finally, one morning Jack went to take him outside and he could not stand.  He came into me and with tears in his eyes he said, "It is time."  We took him for one final visit to the beach he so loved.  He took it all in and keep smuggled closed to Jack.  Arrangements were made to have wonderful Doctor Betty come over to the house and help him leave this world with dignaty.  There was no question it was time.  Our wonderful Mr. Muggles left with dignity and his loving family around him.  We know he is having a great time chasing birds in heaven.

Muggs came to us from Wisconsin at 12 weeks old.   He quickly became Jack's dog.   Jack’s love and faith in this guy took Mr. Muggs all the way to a Best of Breed win at the biggest dog show in the country... The 2006 Westminster Kennel Club at Madison Square Garden. Jack selected a local top-notch handler, Wood Wornall and his team of Jenny Wornall and Andrew Peal, to present Muggs in the ring.  Our fiesty guy did his share of winning.  He also was the father and grandfather to a number of top winning Griffs and Westminster winners.  Tina Fey, Johnny Cashin, The Bits, Bacon Bit and Petunia all are related in some way to Mr. Muggles.Mr. Muggles 1