Ultra Pups

USL, Inc. is still going to the dogs. After all these years Jack and Felicia are still showing dogs and our office is always full of happy barking pups2.

These dogs are pedigreed Brussels Griffons. Jack calls them 'portable pups.' They help keep our perspective in a hectic and serious world. Felicia, sometimes dragging Jack, is very active in showing these little guys. She is currently President of the National Brussels Griffon Rescue, and when Felicia is active in something that means the entire company is active!

The Brussels Griffon has been said to be a 19th century hotchpotch of several breeds that, more by luck than judgment, resulted in the dog we have today. With his flat face, dominant under jaw, and large eyes, he reminds many people of a small monkey. Others find him somewhat like an Irish elf.

The Cashin's are very active in showing dogs, but more so, they are active in the care and rescue of animals. Felicia is a former Board of Director of our local San Luis Obispo Woods Humane Society Shelter. Felicia has made all of us aware of the problems surrounding unwanted dogs. She is also educating all of us on the importance of selecting the right breed of dog for your home and if you are the right home for a rescue dog. The choice is yours, make it the right choice.

Think before you decide to bring a pet into your home. They require time, patience and money. If you decide a mixed breed is for you, check carefully into the dogs available at your local shelter. Don't overlook that older dog. Young and cute dogs have a high energy rate and that older settled dog may be perfect for your household. If you want a purebred dog, be very careful who you buy from. Go to the American Kennel Club site and read about the breed you want. Most purebred dog clubs have a relationship with a breed rescue group. You might want to check out the available dogs on these sites. Make sure the breed you select fits into your lifestyle. Then check with the parent breed clubs approved by the AKC for a list of responsible breeders. Buy from a responsible breeder who is active in the betterment and education of the breed.

Ultra Pups


Back In Time

Just to make you smile, we have dropped in a few shots of Felicia back in the days when she was Phyllis and starting out in the dog show arena.

Felicia’s first dog was a big brute of a St. Bernard who she finished for his Championship. His name was Ch. Carey’s Jolly Barron, better known as Opie. He was breed by a lady named Blanche Carey who raised and cared for her Saints from a wheelchair. Nothing stopped Blanche.







USL’s Director of Marketing, Meg Prior, is also a Brussels Griffon enthusiast. Here she is bravely showing her Australian import with a tail. Tails are usually docked in the US.